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Empowering women & men to utilize exercise, nutrition, and supplementation to live, look, & feel his or her best, 


The cold hard truth is there is no quick fix to get the body or health you want.  Instead it takes time, trial and error, sometimes tears, learning to self correct, and consistency. 


I work 1-1 with women who've tried all the diets and exercise programs but still are struggling to feel good in her own skin. 


We work together on building sustainable habits based off of your current life, your environment, lifestyle, wants, dreams, and needs. Empowering women to use lifestyle change &  weight loss can be maintained.  


Imagine having a specific workout tailored to you and your needs instead of trying to put random Instagram workouts together. 


Then imagine never tracking or measuring food again but instead enjoying food you love, guilt free! 

Let's get you, confident, strong, and feeling hot again!



Sarah committed to movement everyday.  She started with walking and strength training 3x week.  She began to love working out and ended up running a 5k and crushing a 300 KB Swings for 30 days program.  Sarah is one of the hardest workers I have trained.  She's strong as hell (She can deadlift 175# for 5 easily).  What I love about Sarah is no matter her mood, energy, or situation, she always shows up gives it her best for that day.  


Sarah Diorio Before After.jpg

Hello, my name is Niki Treat

I get it, navigating health and fitness is overwhelming and confusing!  I have been there!  

After 10 years in the industry I have "cracked the code" and now I am in the best shape of my life, I am happy, I love the way I look, I am strong, I mountain bike, hike, kayak, rock climb (never thought I'd do that), and most importantly, I enjoy food I love every day!


Now I help other woman find their way to their strongest and most fit self so they feel amazing in their own skin!

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Glenmoore, PA 19343, USA

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