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Hello!! My name is Niki Treat.  After gaining that dreaded freshman fifteen… ok more like a total of 30 pounds by graduation day.   I struggled for about 10 years, to feel good about myself and my body.

I have dipped my toes in many different fitness ventures since November 2011 including a marathon, a triathlon, a figure competition, and most recently mountain biking. These events were always about hoping it would be the answer to get my body to “look” a certain way and no matter what fitness venture I took on, I was never able to maintain the weight or body I wanted.  It was so frustrating because I still couldn’t get my weight to go down even though I thought I was eating healthy.  I ate salads, made better choices, drank less alcohol, and even ate less cookies, but I still wasn’t fueling my body correctly-which I would later learn. I was also an emotional eater & drinker.  Anytime I felt stressed or overwhelming anxiety I would eat to make myself feel better, and I would for feel better for a few moments, until the guilt of binge eating kicked in. Then I’d eat more because I already blew my “diet” anyway.  That would easily spiral into days of restricting and binging on food to control my emotions. I told myself I didn’t care but I did.  Also, I was a personal trainer, I was supposed to look a certain way.  Thinking this way put even more stress and pressure on me to look a certain way.  This would just add to the vicious and dangerous cycle of try really hard-eat well-exercise or the fuck it-I can’t do this-I suck-I’m eating whatever I want.

Slowly over time I learned how to control my emotions, control my food intake, and ultimately I learned HOW to fuel my body PROPERLY and CONSISTENTLY so I could MAINTAIN my weight.  I made fueling my body a priority and stuck to it.  It took lots of practice, lots of self help books, podcasts, leadership retreats, crying on my floor, praying to god for help, learning how to cook meals other than chicken and broccoli, talking to friends, following leaders in my industry, reading hundreds of articles written on “dieting.”  It took time and patience. No drastic changes, just small changes over time led me to be able to get where I am today.  Happy with my body and mentally healthy!

I know losing weight can be hard and mentally exhausting feeling like you’re stuck in mud, spinning your tires. This is why I want to help you.  I specialize in helping women cultivate the habits necessary so you can look and feel good in your body. I guide you and challenge you to change your mindset, build new habits, make different choices,  and provide accountability and encouragement. 

I have a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science with a Minor in Nutrition from West Chester University.  I am a ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist.  Certified Exercise Nutrition Specialist (Level 2), Pain Free Performance Specialist, and StrongOn Level 1 Certified.

If you are ready to make change and put your health as your priority please connect with me!

After all…

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.

-George Bernard Shaw

P.S. This quote was a game changer in making me realize I am the captain of my ship, nobody else.

In the pictures above:

The picture on the left was my heaviest weight somewhere in 2011ish around graduating from WCU.

The bottom right picture was at my leanest. I trained from October to May to get this lean. I competed in the NGA Figure Competition. I place 2nd in my category and 3rd overall

In the final picture collage on the top right, is when I was creeping back up toward my heaviest. Middle and Right pictures is what I tend to maintain now.

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