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Virtual Online Workout

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 12-12:30 PM
Zoom or Self Paced (Train Heroic App)






So living life is easier!



Burning calories can help decrease body fat to show off those muscles you've been building.



Know you are doing the exercises correctly 

Workouts are efficient to get the most bang for your 30 min. effort

What People say about The Treatment


I've known and worked with Niki as a personal trainer for several years.  She stands out from others by truly taking a personal interest in what motivates you as an individual.  She understands that health and fitness are multifaceted, life-long processes.  She also knows that the process needs to be fun.  I appreciate that she keeps the workouts dynamic and challenging.  Even through Zoom, she keeps you just as motivated as if she was standing right next to you!  On a personal level, she has helped me through a concussion, as well as alleviate shoulder and back pain.  By sharing her extensive knowledge, being understanding when I'm frustrated, and calling me out and giving me a kick in the butt when I've needed it, she has helped me keep my health and fitness on track, even through the pandemic.  If you want to make a change that will be impactful and lasting, I highly recommend working with Niki!



Niki's workouts are perfect whether you are looking to maintain fitness or new to these exercises. She does an incredible job in strengthening all of the key muscle groups to ensure that everyone receives noticeable benefits. I have been doing the workouts since the pandemic started and have seen my strength, balance, and coordination improve drastically. Niki is excellent at tailoring the exercises for all experience levels and guaranteeing that you leave having given your best.

Dave Jr.

I've been working with Niki since November 2019.  I find her workouts challenging and feel like I'm making progress to achieving my goals.  My goals include improving my flexibility, toning up, higher energy levels, and weight loss.  With  Niki's help and guidance, I've been able to meet and exceed my initial expectations.  This has been an education in changing the way I think about my physical fitness, as well as accountability to myself, knowing Niki is there with her help and encouragement!  I love the fact that I can do my workouts live or with the recordings as my schedule allows.  Niki is the best!  My advice - Give it a try!


Join My Next Workout

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