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Sarah committed to movement everyday.  She started with walking and strength training 3x week.  She began to love working out and ended up running a 5k and crushing a 300 KB Swings for 30 days program.  Sarah is one of the hardest workers I have trained.  She's strong as hell (She can deadlift 175# for 5 easily).  What I love about Sarah is no matter her mood, energy, or situation, she always shows up gives it her best for that day.  


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I found Niki Treat by pure accident while searching online for a personal trainer. Three years ago, I had two complete hip replacement surgeries at the age of 28. I was born with bilateral hip dysplasia and had hip pain and problems my whole life. After my surgeries, I thought getting into shape would be easy, but I found I didn’t even know the basics and my body
was very uncooperative. On top of all that, I had huge body image issues and extremely low confidence. After doing some research online, I found Niki and she absolutely changed my life. 


When we first met she treated me with such respect, kindness, understanding, and patience. Before we even started working out, she sat with me and got my full history and made
my program specific to my body and my lifestyle. She made me feel comfortable and helped me open up about my life-long body issues. If I ever had a setback, she only ever helped me see the positives and how we could improve moving forward. She got me from needing to take 2-3
minute breaks between exercises to going to the gym on my own. More importantly, she taught me that there is more than what the number on the scale says. I’ve worked with Niki twice a week for almost two years and I’ve never been stronger and more confident in my life. She always says that my commitment is how I got here today, but I know without her encouragement, kindness, respect, dedication, and knowledge, I wouldn’t have made it this far!


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Challenge after challenge, Niki took each one and was able to problem solve different alternatives. I wasn’t alone in finding what worked but had a trained professional and friend that never gave up. Now, a healthy lifestyle that used to be overwhelming seems effortless and is the normal course. Yes there are times when I choose the ice cream but Niki helped me to have confidence in those decisions as well. We all deserve a treat sometimes.



I have been training with Niki for a number of years and she has steadily helped me improve my fitness, nutrition and overall health. I have developed muscle definition, increased my range of motion and cardiovascular stamina. She is always looking for new ways to challenge, me constantly varying my workouts to keep me interested and motivated but with my goals in mind. She helped me train for two half marathons but also helped me continue to focus on weight lifting so as to not lose any muscle that I had developed. I have seen her train clients in various age ranges and stages of physical fitness and I know she has the expertise to help anyone reach their goals and potential in a safe and effective manner.



Niki is a phenomenal personal trainer. She is super knowledgeable about the body and uses her expertise to give you the best workout. If you’re looking for a routine to get your body fit and strong, Niki is your girl. She also has a phenomenal grasp on the importance of form, flexibility, and posture. Niki always provides great workouts that leave you sore, but never injured. Stick with her and she will get you where you want to be!


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I've known and worked with Niki as a personal trainer for several years.  She stands out from others by truly taking a personal interest in what motivates you as an individual.  She understands that health and fitness are multifaceted, life-long processes.  She also knows that the process needs to be fun.  I appreciate that she keeps the workouts dynamic and challenging.  Even through Zoom, she keeps you just as motivated as if she was standing right next to you!  On a personal level, she has helped me through a concussion, as well as alleviate shoulder and back pain.  By sharing her extensive knowledge, being understanding when I'm frustrated, and calling me out and giving me a kick in the butt when I've needed it, she has helped me keep my health and fitness on track, even through the pandemic.  If you want to make a change that will be impactful and lasting, I highly recommend working with Niki!

Dave Jr.

Niki's workouts are perfect whether you are looking to maintain fitness or new to these exercises. She does an incredible job in strengthening all of the key muscle groups to ensure that everyone receives noticeable benefits. I have been doing the workouts since the pandemic started and have seen my strength, balance, and coordination improve drastically. Niki is excellent at tailoring the exercises for all experience levels and guaranteeing that you leave having given your best.


I've been working with Niki since November 2019.  I find her workouts challenging and feel like I'm making progress to achieving my goals.  My goals include improving my flexibility, toning up, higher energy levels, and weight loss.  With  Niki's help and guidance, I've been able to meet and exceed my initial expectations.  This has been an education in changing the way I think about my physical fitness, as well as accountability to myself, knowing Niki is there with her help and encouragement!  I love the fact that I can do my workouts live or with the recordings as my schedule allows.  Niki is the best!  My advice - Give it a try!
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