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Either do it, or don’t, but stop feeling sorry for yourself.

I had a conversation with a client today and I felt as though others could benefit from our discussion so I wanted to write a post about it.

My client has struggled with her weight for her entire life and I’ve worked with her for over 4 years. Sometimes she loses weight and then sometimes she gains it back. It can be very frustrating for her and I. As we were discussing why she wants to lose weight. She always gives me the “for my health” response. I replied, “You say it is for your health but your not doing anything about it so what gives?” She replied with, “That is true. When I quit smoking I tried a few times and then one day it came from my gut that I knew I could quit. So I did and I haven’t smoked since. I am waiting on that gut feeling to push me to lose weight. I need that mind to gut connection” My reaction, “FINALLY we’re onto something!”

I am here to tell you that your gut doesn’t need to tell you to lose weight or achieve any goal you set! You can tell your gut that you need to lose weight. (and literally your gut will disappear if you work hard enough-haha 🙂 Waiting on some magical feeling or some overwhelming motivation sent down by the health fairy is great and all but it MAY NEVER HAPPEN! Stop waiting on some miraculous moment to strike and then that finally gives you permission to do what you want to do. There may never be that moment. You get to take matters into your own hands and make what you want happen! Stop waiting and start doing. Put down the damn donut and pick up a glass of water. Stop making excuses for your lack of commitment. Otherwise, stay where you are and you mise-well enjoy it, because unless you change, you won’t.

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