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Perfection Doesn’t Exist

Chasing perfection in every task, every conversation, every act, every food, every workout, every morning, every day, every thing I did was exhausting and left me miserable. Up until I was about 29.5 years old I felt the need to be perfect in everything I did. Whether I was perfect or not, I would spend so much time over analyzing every conversation I had, every workout program I wrote, every thought I had every meal I ate and the list goes on. I would analyze everything to figure out if it was “right.” Did I do well? Was I the best? After the questions, came the scrutiny. I don’t stay on my diet year round, I don’t workout every time I say I will, I don’t always keep a positive mindset. All coming back to the notion that I am not good enough because I am not perfect.

However as I was dealing with these thoughts in my own head, I would tell my clients, you don’t have to be perfect and it’s okay if you mess up. I would say this, yet I was holding myself to a different standard. Then one day I realized something (after lots of self reflection, 100s of podcasts, and support from my husband, friends, & coaches) …I’m being a hypocrite and I don’t have to be perfect either! It’s literally not possible!

Each and everyday I have to remind myself, it’s okay to eat an “unhealthy” meal or sweet, it’s okay to oversleep sometimes, it’s okay to skip a workout here and there to instead meet my best buddy for coffee, it’s okay I am not ripped 24/7. But what is NOT okay is to give up, throw in the towel, say you can’t do it just because you’ve messed up a little bit. You get to try again. You get to eat the next meal and make it “healthy.” You get to do another workout, you get to restart. As. Many. Times. As. You. Need!

Now I see the ridiculousness of perfection. Realistically if you or I am on point 80% of the time we will see results! If you think about it, our bodies don’t even work perfectly. If you’ve every lost weight, you know it goes down, then up, then down, then up, then up, then wayyy down.

Based off of what I’ve learned, my message for you is be patient with myself, be consistent (as much as I can), and don’t take every workout and meal so seriously. Have fun, live a little, smile, and for gosh sake laugh!!! 🙂

You’re imperfections are perfect anyway.

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