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Here's a workout for anyone who is looking to start exercising but doesn't know where to start.

In this workout we are utilizing some of the basic movement patterns (hinge, squat, push, pull).

Set a timer for 10 Min.

Bridge x 10

Split Squat x 6 e/s

Elevated Pushup x 10

Bent Over T x 10

Side Plank + Hip Extension x 6 e/s

Rest as Needed & Repeat as many rounds as you can in 10 minutes.

Bridge - Lying on back, press hands into the floor, press your heels into the floor to lift your hips (should feel your butt working here not your low back)

Split Squat - Start in a half kneel position. Tuck your pelvis under, press through your front heel to drive you up. Try to move straight up and down.

Pushups - Find an elevated surface you can do 10 pushups off off (steps work great). Screw your hands into the floor/counter/or step (like you're opening a jar- you should feel your shoulders come down and back toward your hips). Tuck pelvis under. As you bend those elbows, pull your shoulders down and back toward your hips and then press yourself back up!

Bent Over T - Hinge @ your hip keeping your back flat. Start with your arms straight down toward the floor. Pull your shoulder blades down and back then lift your arms out to a T. Hold for a second & then lower the hands. Relaxing the shoulder blades.

Side plank Hip Extension - Set your elbow under your shoulder & your knees bent to 90 degrees and out in front of your hips. Pull shoulder down and back. As you lift your hips press them forward Squeeze those butt cheeks!

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